Slapstick and sequin

A family theatre form

There is Nothing Like a Dame - Tony in drag as Nitty Norah gives us the history of pantomime and the origin of acting superstitions before blowing the lid on his own illustrious acting career. This talk can be done in or out of costume depending on taste.


Fairy godmothers

Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty!

Every actor has a story to tell and Tony is the man to tell it like it is. Why was he the best corpse in Casualty? Why did his Auntie Dreena work as a florist when she was allergic to flowers? Why does he do the talk in drag? Because he can!

What did Sean Connery say?

Tony has worked with some of the biggest names in show business and his anecdotes are hilarious. If you want to know what the Scottish Knight said to Tony on the set of First Knight you’ll have to book the talk …

What did he do with the squirrel?

If you find a dead rodent on the way to the theatre and you possess a mischievous streak then there is only one thing to do – put it in the show. Tony tells where and why and why nobody even noticed.

Widow Twankey

Good and bad luck

Tony’s talk takes in all the acting superstitions. Why we don’t whistle backstage, why lillies are unlucky and why we never mention the Scottish play.