Featured talks

An audience with Henry VIII

The most incredible king in English history is brought to life by Tony who takes us through his reign in the sixteenth century.

This can be a two-part talk either side of refreshments with hilarious anecdotes from the actor's life playing Good King Hal.

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Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper

Who was the shadowy figure who stalked the East End murdering ladies of the night in 1888?

Experience the 12 weeks of terror with Tony as the great detective and learn the killer's identity once and for all.

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Winston: "I'll be sober in the morning"

The country's finest leader brought to life takes us through the war years.

We also learn about his early career as a daredevil war correspondent. And what would Winnie have made of Brexit?

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The not-so-Wild West

What if John Wayne was a sissy? What if wild Bill Hicock was a bigger one?

What if Hollywood's portrayal of the rootin' tootin' Wild West was all hogwash? Learn the truth from Marshall Wyatt Earp.

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Titanic conspiracy

The ship that never sank! What if it was all an inside insurance job? What if the rich wanted to make money?

What if everything you have ever heard was untrue? The most thought-provoking of Tony's talks dressed in top hat and tails as a first-class survivor.

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Zulu Wars

It was the biggest defeat of imperial troops by native forces ever. Did you know most of the participants were high on drugs?

And why were so many medals awarded to the defenders of Rorke's Drift? Tony, as redcoat sergeant Harry Gallagher, tells all.

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Operation Overlord (D Day)

'Kiss Me Good Night Sergeant Major'. D Day saw the Allies storm to victory on the Normandy Beaches and Tony's dad, George, was there.

Relive the drama and hear the hilarious tales of this 23-year military career in authentic uniform. Suitable for all groups as it is but can be turned into an adult talk for a stag crowd where a bit of blue is called for.

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Tony is a speaker who relies on performance not notes. Why spend thousands on a celebrity name who will churn out a few tired anecdotes and not engage with your audience when Tony will have them rolling in the aisles? For a very reasonable fee, Tony will enliven any dinner, group meeting or social event with a costumed character talk. He never advertises - he doesn't have to; every talk he gives makes the group want to book him again and again. Quite simply, he is the best in the business. He is historical and hysterical.

The talks are ideal for WIs, Probus Groups, Historical Societies, Wine Clubs, Civil Service Organisations, Retirement Groups, Masonic Lodge events, Rotary, Social Gatherings, Private Functions, Golf Clubs and dinners or lunches of every shape and size.