Our finest leader?

Stirring patriotism

It was our finest hour and Winston has been voted the Briton of the Century. Tony’s performance brings the great man back to life with humour and insight during a talk that takes us through the dark days of the 1940s.

'Darkest Hour'

Uncanny mimicry and the famous salute

Tony’s impersonation of Churchill is uncanny; he looks and sounds like the parliamentarian, clutching his trademark Cuban cigar and flicking the famous Victory V.

The quick repartee

One of Churchill’s best attributes was his ability to deliver a punchline and Tony makes full use of his comic skills to make this an amusing experience. His spats with Nancy Astor are legendary and discussed in full. You will have a Dunkirk Spirit experience with Tony’s Winston.

The speeches

Tony delivers highlights from all the great speeches: "Never in the Field of Human conflict"; "This was their Finest Hour"; "Never has so much been owed by so many ..."; and "Blood toil, tears and sweat… "; The famous speeches are covered in detail. All you will need is to wave your order papers and shout: "Hear! Hear!"

The Legacy

Find out whom Churchill really hated and who hated him. You will be surprised to learn he wasn’t the most popular man in parliament and learn why bricklayers and crane drivers didn’t give a hoot about Winnie.