Secret London

Simply the best

Behind New York, London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world with a third of all residents coming from every other country around the globe. But where did it all begin? Was it all down to the Romans? Or did the Welsh play a part? Tony, in his patriotic Union Jack suit, gives you the inside skinny on everything.

That's capital!

Smallest cop shop

Where’s the smallest police station in London? It’s in Trafalgar Square and if you didn’t know what it was you might think it was a fat lamp post. And while we are there, what’s Nelson looking at? And why did the lions cause a stink with the neighbours?

Cleopatra's Needle

The only problem with this Egyptian artefact is that it has nothing to do with the most famous Egyptian queen of history. And what’s the poem they will dig up beneath it in 2,000 years' time when we are all dust?

Covering fire

Every night there’s still a curfew in London but nobody observes it any more, although some might say it would be a bloody good idea! Tony couldn’t possibly comment but if you want to know when it is then book the talk – and put that fire out!

Up the smoke

Buried information

You learn most about a city from digging in the ground and Tony will take you beneath the streets with the Toshers, tell you who is buried where, and why there’s a bell on the grave plots! Also, you'll learn who’s still attending council meetings after hundreds of years and which famous scientist was a nudist who got the wind up!