“Intentionally a slow-burner, but the wait-for gags are worth it and the Exmouth audience, initially unsure, gave the act the rousing ovation it deserved.”

Derek Smith, 'The Stage'

“Excellent feedback from the participants - an impressive job very well done.”

Barratt Homes

“Entertainment at dinner was excellent. By far the best in years.”

British Society of Retinal Surgery

"Tony you are just awesome!"

Lana Miller, Bright World Guardianship

“"Tony Harris was thinking on his feet all evening with ad lib humour of the highest quality. He has an enviable ability to amuse with great gags and light physical comedy.”

Jeremy Malies, Meridian Media

“It was obvious the clients really loved the show and enjoyed it almost as much as I did.”

Blanche Zaph, 1 Stop Events

“Tony was brilliant as our compere. He really kept the show running and Centre Management loved him!”

Belfry Shopping Centre

"Tony turns up trumps for us time and again."

Chrissy, Midland Entertainment

"We have Tony to compere our events whenever we can get him. We are disappointed when we can't book him because he is so busy."

Caroline, Vivid Minds Events

"Tony is like the Duracell bunny. He keeps going and the laughs keep coming."


"Tony pulled it off yet again. You really are my go-to guy."

Ambrose Harcourt, AHPR

"What an amazing show! They loved it and the whole campus is talking about you."

Clive Williams, University of Leicester (RACS)